Friends and Family

Faith Assembly International, Eastern Main Road, Arouca

Dear Friends and Family,

My dad has been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis resulting in complete loss of cartilage in his left hip. Doctors recommended that he does a complete hip replacement surgery.. I’ve brought together some of my closest friends and family to put on this fundraising event to help offset the cost of the initial surgery and other post operation costs.

My family hopes that you can join with us on the road to recovery by purchasing a ticket for this event and inviting a friend and family. To all those who have expressed their support thus far, I would want to say a HUGE THANK YOU; my family and I are forever grateful.

We believe we’re in this together. With your support anything is possible!! Thanks in advance, I love y’all from the deepest place in my heart. You are my Friends and Family.

Venue: Faith Assembly International Date: October 27th Cost: $100 Children under 12 are FREE All proceeds go towards the cost of surgery for my dad

Love y’all MI